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Goals vs. Fatigue

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Fitbit Progress

One of the reasons I like Fitbit is because of their simple gamification. I’m motivated to complete all five areas on my Fitbit app. When I do, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

The downside to trying to reach or exceed my daily Fitbit goals is my body! For example, as I write this, my achilles and ankle are still reeling from the three years I suffered from gout but didn’t know it. Even though I’ve changed my diet and feel incredible compared to how I used to feel, I still feel the effects of being chronically injured. Even if I have the energy to exercise and I want to reach my daily goal, my body down below is telling me to do otherwise.

The smart thing to do is rest, but my mind and body doesn’t want to. It wants to run, walk and bike! The irony is that sometimes the same discipline it takes to make you exercise is also what you need to not exercise. Your body needs to heal. Let it and you’ll be even better the next time you exercise.